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Pedestrian Safety

We understand the paramount importance of pedestrian safety and accessibility. Our comprehensive range of solutions caters to your diverse requirements, guaranteeing secure and convenient navigation. Whether it's guidance and tactile markings, anti-skid steps, or warning and restriction signs, we ensure that pedestrians can move through any environment comfortably and safely.

Pedestrian Safety

Guidance and Tactile Markings

We offer two distinctive types of tiles, each serving a specific purpose in enhancing pedestrian safety. With their tactile properties, these markings provide essential guidance for individuals with visual impairments, improving navigation and minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, these surfaces are slip- and skid-resistant, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

Pedestrian Safety

Anti-Skid Steps

Slippery steps pose a significant hazard, leading to potentially serious accidents. Its offers a durable and highly effective anti-skid solution. It is recommended for accentuating steps and securing slippery substrates, guaranteeing enhanced safety in all areas.

Pedestrian Safety

Warning and Restrictions

To ensure that people are well-informed about hazardous or restricted areas, our preformed safety lines are the perfect choice. Their high visibility due to the eye-catching black and yellow colours grabs attention, effectively alerting individuals to potential dangers. These lines are easy to apply, providing a clear-cut solution for maintaining awareness and preventing accidents.

Pedestrian Safety

Tactile Markings

Everyone, regardless of their abilities, deserves to feel safe while navigating traffic. At Line Marking Pro, we prioritize the safety of visually impaired individuals. Our range of tactile markings facilitates the guidance of individuals with impaired vision across hazardous areas in traffic, minimizing potential risks.

Stairs and Steps

Alerting About Upcoming Steps and Anti-Slip Products

Safety Markings Why wait for accidents to happen when you can proactively protect exposed areas? Our safety markings focus on increasing friction and awareness in hazardous areas, reducing the likelihood of accidents. We offer a range of anti-skid and contrast markings designed to ensure maximum safety.

Pedestrian Safety

City Crossings

In bustling urban areas with heavy traffic, pedestrians with impaired vision face an increased risk of accidents. Our markings play a crucial role in highlighting the transition from pedestrian routes to roadways. By providing a noticeable tactile distinction, these markings assist visually impaired individuals in safely navigating crossings and intersections.

Pedestrian Safety

Tactile Markings for Platforms

Platforms Transport hubs, such as platforms, require essential warning and guidance tools to assist visually impaired individuals effectively.

Contrasting steps are crucial for visually impaired individuals to distinguish between different levels. At Line Marking Pro, we provide a range of safety markings that offer high contrast against step edges, making them easily visible. These contrasting steps significantly improve visibility and aid in safe navigation.

City crossings represent areas of heightened risk with changing directions and multiple traffic flows. Designed to assist pedestrians, especially those with impaired vision, in safely traversing city crossings. By providing clear tactile cues and guiding lines, these markings ensure a secure transition from pedestrian routes to roadways.

Platforms and transport hubs necessitate effective tactile markings to guide and warn visually impaired individuals. These tactile markings serve as a warning, alerting pedestrians to any potential hazards, such as large holes or gaps, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents.

Walkways require clear guidance to ensure safe passage for pedestrians. Designed to provide raised lines that indicate the direction and safe path along walkways. These tactile cues enable visually impaired individuals to navigate around obstacles, ensuring a smooth and secure walking experience.

Manhole covers can pose tripping hazards for pedestrians if not clearly marked. Line Marking Pro offers durable and high-visibility markings specifically designed for manhole covers. By highlighting these covers with clear and contrasting lines, we improve visibility and ensure pedestrians can navigate around them safely.

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At Line Marking Pro, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that prioritize pedestrian safety and accessibility. Our range of high-quality tactile markings, anti-skid materials, and warning signs ensure secure and efficient navigation in any environment. Trust us to meet all your safety requirements, making mobility safer and more inclusive for everyone.