Authorised Entry Only Stencil


Our Authorised Entry Only stencil is available in a number of different sizes and thicknesses (see above). For similar stencils see our other road marking stencils. The height of the stencil is from the bottom of the tex to the top of the text, there is a default bleed area provided to prevent over spray when marking, the width is the total width of the text, not the stencil. If you require a slightly different stencil see our custom stencils.


    Authorised Entry Only Stencil size guide:

    Letter Height Stencil Height Stencil Width
    100 390.3 716.4
    300  1170.9 2149.2
    600  2341.8 4298.4



    1.4mm, 3mm

    Letter Height

    100mm, 300mm, 600mm